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Wish there was an easier way than an endoscopy to check the health of your digestive system? There is – the Capsule Endoscopy, which is also called a wireless endoscopy. No tubes, sedatives, or time on the exam table are required. Our Staten Island, Bronx, or Brooklyn based specialists can schedule and perform your procedure at one of our Triborough GI clinics. 

One of our board-certified GI doctors will guide you through the Capsule Endoscopy procedure and provide you with all the information you need prior to having the procedure. 

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What is a Capsule Endoscopy?

A Capsule Endoscopy could be described as the wireless version of a traditional endoscopy. It involves swallowing a capsule about the size of a multivitamin that contains a high-definition camera. As the capsule travels through your digestive system, the camera snaps thousands of color pictures. The capsule then passes from your system via a bowel movement.

The pictures taken by the capsule camera are transmitted to a recorder attached to a belt, which you should wear for about eight hours to complete the study. You then return the recording device to the office, where the pictures are transferred to a computer that uses software to string the photos together to form a video.

Most patients can go about their normal routine after swallowing the capsule and leaving the office, other than avoiding strenuous exercise or heavy lifting.

What are the advantages of a Capsule Endoscopy?

A traditional endoscopy requires time in the office, during which your provider inserts a soft, flexible tube with a camera attached into your small intestine through your throat (esophagus).

An endoscopy is not necessarily painful but can be uncomfortable and requires sedation that relaxes you but keeps you conscious. Many patients find this very difficult to endure but have no difficulty swallowing a vitamin-sized capsule.

The Capsule Endoscopy also provides a better view of your small intestine than the traditional version. This advantage is very helpful when diagnosing or evaluating treatment for certain conditions, such as Celiac Disease.

Why would I need a Capsule Endoscopy?

Traditional and Capsule Endoscopies are used to:

  • Identify the cause of gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Look for areas of inflammation that may signal Crohn’s disease
  • Reveal cancerous tumors in the small intestine or other parts of the digestive tract
  • Monitor Celiac Disease
  • Screen for polyps in the small intestine
  • Study an abnormality more closely when X-rays or other imaging studies are unclear

For more information, schedule a visit with one of the specialists at Triborough GI in New York. Call the practice or book your visit online.

How to prepare for the procedure

Prior to your procedure, your doctor will review steps that will help you prepare for the procedure. Please make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions when preparing for the endoscopy. Failure to follow the directions may result in the rescheduling of your Capsule Endoscopy.

In order to capture clear images of your digestive tract, you cannot eat or drink for at least 12 hours before the procedure. Your doctor may also ask you to take a laxative before your Capsule Endoscopy so that you can fully flush out your small intestine.

Depending on the medications you take, your doctor may ask you to not take certain medications before the procedure to avoid camera interference.

The Procedure

Your healthcare team will review and explain your procedure with you on the day of the procedure. You may need to remove your shirt for the adhesive patches to be attached to your abdomen. Wires connected to a recorder are on each patch. Some devices do not require the adhesive patches.

A recorder is worn as a belt around your waist. A special camera sends images to the antenna patches on your abdomen, feeding data to the recorder, collecting and storing all images.

Once all the equipment is connected and ready to go, you will be asked to swallow the camera capsule with water. The capsule has a slippery coating, making it easier to swallow. Once swallowed, you will not be able to feel it.

You will then go about your normal day. You can drive and most likely go to work. Strenuous activities such as exercise, heavy lifting, running and jumping should be avoided.

After the Procedure

Wait at least two hours to drink any clear liquids after you swallow the capsule. After four hours, unless your doctor advises otherwise, you can have a light meal or snack.

The Capsule Endoscopy procedure is complete about eight hours after or when you see the camera capsule in the toilet following a bowel movement, whichever comes first. After eight hours or upon seeing the camera capsule in the toilet, please remove the patches and the recorder from your body and pack them in a bag. Return the equipment following your doctor’s instructions. There is no need to remove the camera capsule from the toilet. Flush the camera capsule down the toilet.

It may take your body to expel the camera capsule several hours or several days. Each person’s digestive system differs. If you do not see the capsule in the toilet after a bowel movement within two weeks, please contact your doctor. Your doctor may order an X-ray to determine if the capsule has been expelled.

How long does it take for my results

The Capsule Endoscopy camera takes thousands of photos as it passes through your digestive tract. Images are then saved on the recorder and transferred to a computer with specific software that strings the images together to create a video. Your doctor will then watch the video to look for any abnormalities within your digestive tract.

Results of your Capsule Endoscopy may take anywhere from a few days to a week. Once your doctor has reviewed all the data, they will share the results with you.

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