Prominent Research Firm Bullish on CRH Medical Shares

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Prominent Research Firm Bullish on CRH Medical Shares

Largely based on the success of the O’Regan Disposable Hemorrhoid Banding System, one of the most successful hemorrhoid treatments in Brooklyn, NY, Zacks Investment advised investors to hold onto their shares, as they were likely to increase in value.

While the Vancouver-based company offers other services as well, including anesthesia services, gastrointestinal conditions are its primary focus. Many other hedge funds and investment groups followed Zack’s advice, increasing their CRHM holdings by as much as 375 percent. Trading is brisk and demand is high, as individual share prices have increased from $3.13 to to $5.75 on an average daily volume of over 63,000 units.
Several months ago, CRHM shares reached a 52-week high of $9.25 per unit.

What is the O’Regan System?

Until very recently, rubber band ligation (RBL) hemorrhoid treatment in Brooklyn, NY meant either traditional or endoscopic banding. In the traditional approach, the doctor uses a metal clamp to pull hemorrhoidal tissue away from the anal wall and then wraps a rubber band around it in order to starve the piles. This process was usually as painful as it sounds. As the name implies, endoscopic banding is an invasive procedure that resembles an old-fashioned colonoscopy.
The O’Regan method is a lot like the traditional method, except it involves soft, disposable ligators as opposed to metal clamps. The ligators apply gentle suction to the hemorrhoidal tissue, so the doctor can band the bottom where there are no nerve endings.

Why is the O’Regan System Better?

This advanced hemorrhoid treatment in Brooklyn, NY has several advantages:

  • Less Discomfort: In most surveys, less than 1 percent of O’Regan Banding patients experienced any pain whatsoever, and even then, the discomfort from the piles was much worse.
  • Non-Invasive: The O’Regan method does not involve any incisions or probes.
  • Fast: The in-office procedure itself usually takes between 30 seconds and one minute. As for recovery, most patients resume all normal activities the next day.

The O’Regan system has one of the highest success rates, and lowest side-effect rate, of any other hemorrhoid treatment in Brooklyn, NY, and Triborough GI is one of the only locations in New York CIty where this treatment is available.

Book your appointment today, since advanced RBL therapy is very popular and new patient space is limited.


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