Taking Care of Your Digestive System: Tips and Recommendations

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Taking Care of Your Digestive System: Tips and Recommendations

Every vehicle needs fuel to move, or at least conventional ones do. When they run out of fuel, eventually their engine will shut down and their electrical system may also be affected. 

Well, the human body is the frame that allows us to live the life we desire. If we don’t ingest the amount of nutrients that it requires, it will be difficult to lead a healthy life, and habits such as exercise will be even more difficult to carry out, as our machine won’t have enough gasoline to execute the required movements.

Now, it’s important to clarify that it’s important to understand what our body uses the energy obtained from digesting nutrients for, which, first and foremost, is used to take care of our body and keep it healthy. Nutrients provide the body with strength to defend itself against certain diseases.

On the other hand, from the nutrients, the body is able to repair structures in the body. For example, when you suffer an injury from an accident, collision, or fall, the body uses energy to repair damaged tissues.

Some people understand it as obvious that the human body uses energy to make the body work, but when analyzing the eating habits of some people, that obviousness doesn’t seem so evident. The purpose of proper functionality of the human body is that it behaves in a harmonious way with all the organs, muscles, and tissues of the body and that it is controlled.

Functions of the Digestive System

Mainly, the functions of the digestive system focus on ingesting, both mechanically and physically, the foods that enter the body. Mechanically, it could be said that it crushes the foods we ingest. That is, mechanical digestion is the first one we perform with our teeth, by crushing the food we bring into our mouth into small pieces, but also, the one that allows peristaltic movements, that is, the movements of the digestive system.

This movement can be noted by hearing certain noises coming from the stomach area, which usually occurs when you feel hungry. Or even, you can notice how the intestines contract as the food is passing through them. Essentially, mechanical digestion helps to break down the food into smaller nutrients.

On the other hand, chemical digestion uses proper chemical molecules, which are the enzymes. These specifically attack certain nutrients to break them down as much as possible.

These nutrients are digested to pass into the blood, and thus be distributed to the cells of the body so they can perform their function. However, this is achieved through an absorption process, which is the second main function of the digestive system. That is, the first step would be to ingest the food to crush the nutrients, and then, to absorb those nutrients.

Healthy Eating Habits

Many people may experience stomach problems or discomfort, which are produced by the human body, in order to send an alert that something is not going well with the digestive system. To prevent any of this from happening, or at least, not with high frequency, it’s very important to adopt certain habits that help the digestive system stay healthy. Below are some tips that should be taken into account:

Maintain good hydration: drinking water is very important to keep the body hydrated. However, it’s known that caffeine drinks such as coffee or processed beverages tend to irritate the stomach and undermine its health. Therefore, it’s advisable to reduce their consumption and replace them mostly with water. Consuming it in large quantities will prevent constipation problems, which will facilitate the digestive process.

Dedicate time to eating correctly: this includes not consuming food hastily and in large quantities at once, as digestion begins in the mouth. For this reason, it is very important to chew all foods that are ingested correctly. Only then can the enzymes in saliva break down all carbohydrates.

Eliminate junk food: in addition to being a calorie bomb, junk food is very difficult to digest. This makes the digestive system unnecessarily exert itself, so it is recommended to choose foods that are friendly to the digestive system and, at the same time, easy to process.


In conclusion, taking care of our digestive system is essential for maintaining a healthy life. It is important to understand that our diet is the fuel that our body needs to function properly, and therefore we must provide it with the appropriate nutrients for it to function correctly. Caring for our digestive system is fundamental to our overall health and well-being. By paying attention to our diet and adopting healthy eating habits, we can keep our digestive system functioning properly and enjoy a healthier and more active life.

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