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Feeling discomfort in some part of your body is typical of everyday life and as time passes. Well, the bigger we get, the more weaknesses come to light regarding our human condition. That is why over time it is normal to have to reduce the intensity of certain activities, because there comes a point where we cannot bear it and carry it in the same way.

However, sometimes we suffer liver problems not only as a consequence of age, but also because of certain habits that we acquire throughout life, which are not the most favorable and friendly for the liver. However, let’s briefly review what this organ is for in our body.

The liver regulates most of the chemical levels in the blood and excretes a product called bile, which helps break down fats and prepares them for further digestion and absorption. That is to say, all the blood that leaves the stomach and the intestines that cross the liver. Therefore, a liver that is not working is not able to produce sufficient amounts of clotting factors, which help the blood to clot. Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract is common with this condition. It can be difficult to control. And of course, it can end up causing infections that will be directly reflected in the health and quality of life of the person who suffers from it.

Hepatic problems.

Liver failure is a very complex syndrome where the liver allows us to continue surviving with only 15% of the capacity of the liver glands. It is important to be clear that this is not a condition itself, but a consequence of.

Here we can include tumor processes, invasive processes, metabolic processes, consequences of constant aggressions, or even, of infections that have been had in the liver such as Hepatitis A, B, or C.

This is the name given to health problems or failures that originate from the liver.

This does not always cause noticeable signs and symptoms.

However, if you do show signs and symptoms of liver disease, these may include:

  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)
  • Bloating and abdominal pain
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Skin itch
  • Dark colored urine
  • Pale stool color
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tendency to bruise easily

Medical professionals who specialize in treating these particular types of illnesses are referred to as Hepatologists. It is recommended to consult with a Hepatologist whenever any of the following changes occur to accurately evaluate the condition of the liver: abnormalities detected in liver blood tests, abnormalities detected in liver ultrasound, or the development of jaundice or yellowing of the eyes.

The liver is an extremely important organ and it should be cared for in the most appropriate way, since it is essential for metabolism and for processing all the substances in the body. Therefore, it is important to take special care with certain aspects so as not to damage this organ and end up suffering from diseases as a result.

Alcoholic Beverages: in case of suffering from liver disease, all types of alcoholic beverages should be discontinued. But if, on the other hand, you are a healthy person, the amount of dose or consumption that is considered safe should be taken into account. Although, to tell the truth, some experts comment that there is no such thing as a safe dose. So you should be especially careful when consuming these types of drinks.

Sugars: carbohydrates that cause problems are simple and refined sugars, as well as soft drinks that contain sugar. This causes refined sugars to enter the blood directly, having to be processed in the liver, which can cause what is known as fatty liver over time. On the other hand, fruit juice can also be harmful to the liver, because a lot of fructose suddenly enters, which accumulates as fat. Therefore, it is advisable to consume the fruits whole instead of juices.

On the other hand, trans fats and saturated fats can also harm the liver. The trans fats can become the most harmful, they can be found in butter, and in packaged products for quick consumption. As well as French fries, pizzas, pastries, etc.

In essence, the consumption of these foods does not translate a disease condition to all the people who consume it. However, it is necessary to be careful when it comes to exceeding it, since these can be triggers for liver diseases, in which a hepatologist should be seen.

If you have hepatitis C, you should see a hepatologist, a doctor who specializes in the care of patients with liver diseases. Triborough GI is a hepatology practice in New York City that offers comprehensive care for patients with hepatitis C.

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